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We also compare VIC prognostic variables with observations and NCEP/NCAR reanalysis where and when possible.

Situated between the North Atlantic and the Greenland ice sheet, the thousands of lakes in the Kangerlussuaq area of West Greenland (67°N) present excellent targets for paleoclimate studies.

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Coupled with regional-scale environmental dynamics are local-scale human behaviors and resulting activities in response to perceived change, available technologies and existing policy infrastructures.

The overall objective of the this research is to understand how humans interact with freshwater on local scales in selected parts of the Arctic, how these interactions have changed in the recent past, and how they are likely to change in the future.

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VIC is a semi-distributed grid-based model that parameterizes the processes occurring at the land-atmosphere interface.

Recent cold-region developments in VIC include: improvements to the frozen soils algorithm to simulate permafrost; development of an algorithm to represent the hydrologic effects of lakes and wetlands; and development of an algorithm that estimates the redistribution and sublimation of blowing snow.

Due to the sparseness of discharge measurements and the variability between catchments in the pan-arctic drainage basin, hydrologic modeling must play a strong role in estimations of the spatial and temporal (seasonal and interannual) variability of land surface hydrologic states and fluxes.

We report a 20-year (1979-98) run of the Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) macroscale hydrologic model, over the pan-arctic land domain.

For the 20-year simulation period, VIC was applied over a 50 km by 50 km Lambert Equal-Area (EASE) grid projection.

We examine interannual variability in pan-arctic water and energy balances, as well as various partitions thereof at continental and major river basin scales.

The availability and status of water resources may promote good health or propagate disease, support the distribution and quality of plants and animals used for subsistence and promote or impede access and development.

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