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They enjoyed sweet young love, although they denied it at first for fear of getting in trouble on the set. Penn Badgley and Blake Lively broke up after three years of dating.

Both actors were only 22 at the time of their break-up, having begun their romance while they were still in their teens.

For obvious reasons, such as the public’s perception of them as on-screen siblings, Barry and Maureen were discouraged from pursuing their interest in each other off-screen.

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The on-screen relationship between the characters that Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison continued to flourish even after their real-life one ended.

Those characters had started as friends with benefits before becoming a full-fledged romantic couple.

Things got so serious during the four-year relationship between Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia that the duo even discussed getting married.

However, the two ultimately broke up while still filming the show, but they remained friendly co-stars and stayed in each other’s lives.

Rumors flew that it was Westwick who broke up with Szohr, but one thing is clear.

They were able to maintain caring professionalism on the set after the two split.became a pop culture phenomenon early in its first season, and the musical television show inspired the devotion of many fans.It was also the hotbed of many romances among its young cast.was probably more intended to be a spoof of the modern-day workplace than it was a romantic show. They were able to remain friendly co-stars and co-writers on , Keaton and Pacino had broken up.However, the romance did take over much of the beloved comedy. Off-screen, however, some other interesting romances sparked. However, they still had to act as the in-love couple, and they were able to maintain a pleasant working relationship throughout the filming.Romance can ignite on the set of any television show or movie, but high-profile relationships are hard to maintain.

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