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Normal people have their good times and bad; the same is true for folks cursed with chronic panic attacks. My symptoms during my panic spell at age 16 virtually disappeared overnight when I met “Dale,” a cute, hysterically funny classmate who made it clear she was mad about nerdy me.

The endorphin storm freed me from anxiety until that terrifying day six years later when I opened my draft letter at age 22. I instantly shot into a cycle of panic attacks, and started graduate school to avoid what would have been unbearable.

If not, I and every other panic sufferer hope you never will, but secretly wish others could experience what we do for at least a few seconds so they could understand why panic attacks can entirely change your life.

I never became a Buddhist, but used many of the principles as tools for my recovery, including meditation, acting with loving compassion toward myself, and doing all things “mindfully” (fully focused).

Here’s what I want you to do to start your path toward freedom.

At worst, I was constantly on edge and afraid to leave the safety of my home.

This is true for many of those diagnosed with agoraphobia because circumstances change.

I have been completely ok with this considering the circumstances, but I would like to take him out of the neighborhood and perhaps to my place, or just somewhere other than where he is currently comfortable. I also recommend that he makes a list of 50 goals (things he would like to achieve, have, own, or feel) he would like to achieve in the next 10 years, and make little notes for each goal if needed. The singer got us a gig about 30 minutes from my house (and 15-20 minutes beyond my comfort zone).

I'm not trying to purposefully put him into an anxiety-inducing situation, but I do want to guide him in the right direction in regaining a more positive mindset on leaving his house. At the top of the list, every week or month have him list 5 accomplishments, no matter how small or trivial they may seem. He may try hard one day and then be as discouraged as ever the next. The night of the concert was the night my girlfriend finally understood how hard it was. I apologized to him as well and cried the entire car ride home.

Start doing research on brain science and panic attacks, specifically how the amygdala operates and how it can be retrained.

The method I created includes a structured routine of activities and projects all designed to help you create new neural pathways to supplant the old ones leading you to despair.

There are very clear reasons why this is the case, there is no mystery about his nervous illness. This is dealing with a specific situation instead of the problem as a whole.

The tea, breathing, and pill didn't work, as about half way to the show (which was starting in 30 minutes) I asked her pull over. We sat in silence, until at I asked her to take me home, and hung my head in shame. That was when she understood it wasn't a matter of "pushing through" it, or simply thinking about "something else". He wants, more than anyone wants anything else in the world, to be his old self again. Please encourage him to read the book I mentioned in my other post. Funny thing is, he typically constructs those tests and time limits for himself.

If you decide he's worth it, please educate yourself about his condition so you can have a better understanding about just how difficult it is.

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