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Applicants passing a UBE are allowed to transfer a passing score earned in Arizona to other UBE jurisdictions without testing, subject to the rules of that state.UBE rules vary from state to state; please contact specific jurisdictions if you wish to seek admission based on UBE.

The Claims staff cannot provide legal advice, but they are available for general assistance regarding workers' compensation laws and rules.

The ALJ Division resolves legal disputes that arise in workers' compensation cases. • File a Claim under Workers' Compensation • Petition to Reopen a Claim • Petition to Rearrange or Readjust Compensation • Request to Change Doctors • Request to Leave the State • Request a Hearing • Request Dependents' Benefits (in Case of a Worker's Fatality) • File a Report of Injury (If You Are an Employer) • File a Report of Injury (If You Are a Worker) • File a Worker's Revocation of Rejection of Terms of Az Workers' Compensation • File a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Agreement • File a Sole Proprietor / Independent Contractor Statement • File Form 110A: Annual Report of Income (If You Are a Worker) • File Form 110B: Notice of Intent to Suspend (If You Are a Worker) • Read About Significant Exposure to Bodily Fluids. Obtain Posters [ What posters are employers required to post?

Arizona Department of Health Services—Procurement and Contract Monitoring—Department did not follow some procurement requirements and paid for some services without ensuring they were provided and contract requirements were met ( Arizona Department of Health Services—Medical Marijuana Program—Department did not timely, consistently, or adequately perform several medical marijuana regulatory activities and misallocated some Medical Marijuana Fund monies ( Arizona Department of Revenue—Sunset Factors—Department did not comply with all conflict-of-interest requirements, ensure it collected and reported all State income taxes, and plan for eventual replacement of its main IT system ( Arizona School Facilities Board—Building Renewal Grant Fund—Board can better ensure timely project completion and payments to districts, Board member compliance with conflict-of-interest laws, and district compliance with State procurement requirements ( Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners—Board should seek statutory authority to require criminal background checks for licensure, improve timeliness of complaint and claim handling, and review appropriateness of its licensing fees ( Arizona Department of Revenue—Transaction Privilege Tax Support and Education Services—Department should improve call centers’ quality assurance processes and internal collaboration on taxpayer education and outreach efforts ( Arizona Department of Water Resources—Department is behind schedule in adopting groundwater management plans for the State’s active management areas and should enhance processes for collecting or issuing some required reports ( Arizona Psychiatric Security Review Board—Board should ensure it receives needed information to inform its decision making, improve its issuance of hearing notices and orders, and develop rules, policies, and procedures to help meet key responsibilities ( Arizona Board of Athletic Training—Board should ensure applicants meet lawful presence and continuing-education requirements, and improve the information on its website and the licensee information staff provide over the phone ( Arizona’s Universities—Information Technology Security—Universities have implemented several information technology (IT) security practices and can further improve IT security, policies, procedures, and practices ( Arizona Department of Child Safety—Arizona Families F.

Do not use the above email address to send emails (or attachments to emails) containing sensitive or personal information (such as social security numbers) to the ICA because neither the website nor email is secure. .)Workers' compensation is a "no fault" system in which injured workers receive medical and compensation benefits no matter who causes the job-related accident.

Candidates may also use the portal to promote their campaign by creating a public profile.

Once you upload contact information, a photo, social media and website links, and a brief biography, we will promote you as candidate on our website and be ready to display your name and photo on the Election Night Results page.

And when the filing deadline approaches, a candidate can generate and file other required documents exclusively through the portal.

If seeking public funding, a statewide or legislative candidate may collect qualifying contributions through the portal and file nearly all the documents necessary to receive public funding.

It ensures that workers' compensation claims are processed in accordance with existing state laws and rules.

The Claims Division keeps a record of all claims filed for workplace injuries since 1925 and also maintains an employer insurance database to provide up-to-date information on Arizona employers and their workers' compensation coverage.

Campaign finance reports must be filed after each applicable reporting period until committee termination.

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