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So do you think anything can be salvaged from this??? Women like to have men "friends." But men don't want a lot of women "friends", they want a lot of 'girlfriends.' There is a big difference. Tell her if she ends it with her boyfriend to give you call, until then-Goodbye. No need to explain this to me, but it's a question you should answer yourself.

Those are a few reasons people 'want some space.' Space means distance between you. Be difficult to reach, don't return her calls, disappear. If she doesn't miss you, come to her senses and respond the way you want her to, consider it a detour from divorce and move on to the next. Get advice from a man who has a solid track record of success. For example if you're Brad Pitt, you get her number and don't call her for two weeks, will she think you're playing her? If her interest is high enough, longer than three days is not too long. I am from India...I have been trying to woo a girl who already has a boyfriend....

If she needs some space, she needs some distance between you. Will some women think you're a 'playa' if you wait longer than three days to call? If she's just looking for a free meal then SHE'S the 'playa'. In fact I asked her out on a date and she agreed....

Your comments, insights, and recommendations are great!

It is certainly a confidence booster, but I still have a situation that I do not know how to handle and thus my question.

I was really taken aback and then made the comment that her raincheck was about to expire. ", but did not make any counteroffer as to time or place. The funny part is I have not been able to forget her and we hardly did anything together apart from the fact that my family stayed at her house for the short time we were there. And you must be willing to accept that if she doesn't feel the way you want her to there is nothing you can do about it. Texting, phone, emails, Skype calls, all mean nothing unless you have met in person and spent some time together. Read every one and think about your dating life and what you did when things went right. What if I were to use these things on girls I already talk to, using the rest of your advice, only for practice to gain a bit more confidence in myself before I try it out under the more intense situations.

Now this week I met her as usual and she told me that she had finally cut all ties from her former ex. The thing is she is my second cousin twice removed I am not sure how we are even related, but I like her Matt and I don't know if I ever have a shot at getting to know her at all. B: There is only one way to meet a woman and make any impression that will last more than a few minutes. And if things haven't been going right, read them all again. Plus, realize that unless you have the courage to at least say 'hello' to a woman, you will spend the rest of your life alone. Also, I dated this girl for a long time almost 3 years ago, and we haven't been talking for the past two years.


The answer to your second question: I assume you're talking about the same girl.

I offered to take her out 5 weeks ago as I wanted to treat her as I know from personal experience how tough it is when someone cheats on you (it happened to me). I also gave her my number a few weeks latter and told her to call me if she wanted to talk, but she never did. About 2 weeks ago, I was merely extending my hand to ask for my check but didn't say anything. I am 20 years old and I think for the first time I like someone. And there is a woman out there who really wants you. I was wondering, should a guy pay a woman compliments in the first few dates (I like your blouse, I'm glad to see you etc) or does that comes off a too woossy. Let her pay you compliments, but don't pay her any, or at the very least just one little one. What will make her like you and want you is if you are a challenge and you have confidence. First off, I love your advice, I only just read it and I already feel like a new man.

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