Advantage and dis advantage of dating

Some people who meet their partner on social networks, through a friend or through match-making often practice long distance relationship.They might be able to see each other frequently if the distance between them both is not much.There won’t be the need to pretend what you are not in order to impress anybody.

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Such women tends to cook their meal, stay at home, find something worthwhile doing to develop herself, pursue her dreams, and lots more.

A lady who is always going around with her partner’s car will be too comfortable and might never think of the need to have her own car.

You will be happy, free of nagging, troubles and complaints.

Disadvantages Of Long Distance Relationship Loneliness Loneliness kills faster than AIDS. The couple will miss each other especially during anniversaries and holidays or when they see other couples around them.

Will be Able to Cope With Their Spouse Absence in Future Someone who has lived alone successfully without the partner’s presence will cope with any kind of separation and distance.

If a partner was once faithful in the past during a long distance relationship, the couple has no fear anytime distance issue creep in again. One of the couple will be absent from home for one reason or the other – ceremony, conference or on business trips.

A long distance relationship is when both partners are not in the same location or geographical area.

They might have started the relationship with close contact after which one or both separated from each other due to many reasons such as job transfer, education purpose, and search for a greener pasture or change in parent’s location.

He will later be a better husband in marriage by giving helping hands in the house.

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