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In 2017 the building is in use as a Fed Ex shipping center. i iremember looking at the building and wondering if there was a theater in this building . havn’t been to Sacramento in years just wondering if the video store is still there . They gave us the runaround.” Now the Manor Theatre and other properties like it in the Stockton Boulevard Redevelopment Area may get a new lease on life.

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Anyone know of any adult porn places worth the trip? May 24, 2007 at pm Yeah, I’m looking for a good adult movie theater or adult movie preview place too.

Please post any locations in the southern california area that you have found be be good.

The Manor Theatre was designed by Sacramento architect Herbert E.

Goodpastor, who had also designed the Colonial Theatre a couple of miles north on Stockton Boulevard.

April 19, 2005 at am I have been to the Front Door.

Although I have never seen ladies inside, I have been told by some of the regulars that escorted ladies have come to the theater to watch men “enjoying” themselves.

July 11, 2007 at pm Wondering if the Tiki or Tomkat are worth going to.

Also heard of a video preview store in Commerace, but no location!

The theater was built in the 1940s and badly needed renovation. The state’s largest bank is committing itself to reaching out to businesses, property owners and residents who need low-interest loans to make improvements and build equity.

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