Adult rooms skype

***beep beep beep*** Worst **beep** company on the planet.

Unfortunately, Skype users liked the app because it offered a sophisticated chat experience – they weren’t looking for a clone of Snapchat.

While there’s a Microsoft Skype for Business app available, it’s part of Microsoft Office 365 and will cost extra to download.

If you’ve updated your ‘consumer’ Skype app recently, then you’ve probably got an opinion on the latest refresh, and if the latest reviews are anything to go by – it won’t be a positive one.

Today’s users are complaining that the latest redesign is not only an aesthetic nightmare, it’s also less productive than the solutions that came before it.

The list of contacts isn’t even alphabetized (it would have killed someone to call the system sort function? I wish who ever ruined it could be eliminated from the earth. The number of morons is already too high: we do not need super-morons!!! I was one of the thousands who lost 10 years of data in that fiasco. They freeze Word along with all your existing Word files and since it is all connected, my Canon scanner and laser jet printer won’t work. I connected them to an old computer and they work fine.

) and can’t be restricted to those currently on line anymore. But because MS has locked up Word and its connections, printer and scanner won’t work on this machine.

Many of the key features of the i OS and Android updates have disappeared, and customers seem to hate the fact that Microsoft has gone for a youth-oriented “Instagram-style” service, rather than the business-oriented, sophisticated app we’d grown to know and love.

Of course, it’s not just the glaring colours and horrific use of emojis that makes the new Microsoft redesign so unappealing.

“If it doesn’t need fixing, break it,” seems to be the philosophy behind the new version. What MS have in fact done is akin to Ford or GM to decide that the steering mechanism on their cars no longer becomes part of the purchase and if you want to continue driving your car, you need to renew the “license” for your steering wheel each year. I assumed it was also connected to Word somehow because I couldn’t even open it.

In short, Microsoft has taken a useful, functional, reliable application that the users were mostly pretty happy with and utterly ruined it just because they could. The AVAST software antivirus program was rampantly unhappy that my skype software was not the latest version of crap that Silicone Valley sisters have come up with. I feel like I have been lost in a Sponge Bob Squarepants world. I had some credit on account and then, lo and behold, I get a message from Microsoft that if I don’t use Skype in a few days I’ll lose my credit.

Additionally, the app no longer works with a Bluetooth headset, you can’t send video outside of Skype, and you can’t take a picture with your hardware buttons.

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