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Browse Marketplace Ed Kushins Home “Home Exchange is using the integrations with Google Analytics, which allows for a more in-depth look into the visitor base, and Facebook, which lets visitors login to chat with their Facebook accounts.” Henry Reith Infiniti Telecommunications “Adding Live Chat to our Magento store was easy!

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We believe children and adolescents have an innate capacity toward mastery and self-repair.

Some children and teens need support and assistance toward this end.

Integrate Live Chat with tools you already use or add new ones to provide even faster and more accurate service.

Chat with your customers, send their details to your CRM, manage their orders and accept their payments – all that without leaving the Live Chat interface!

A flaw in Facebook's Messenger Kids app that allowed unauthorized adults into chats with young children has been fixed, according to the company.

Facebook has been quietly notifying parents about the problem with the Messenger Kids app and has closed the affected chat groups.

Friendships: Teenagers and young adults with cancer discuss how their friendships were impacted by their cancer diagnosis.

Hear how they maneuvered the complicated task of bringing their friends along for the ride of diagnosis and therapy, when and how they chose to share what was happening in their lives, and much more.

However, a programming flaw allowed kids to create group chats with people who had been approved by their own parents but hadn't been approved by the parents of the other children who were participating.

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