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Vince was an ex-college linebacker, built like a Mack truck with all-American good looks and a full head of wavy dark hair.

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"I hope you won't say anything to the guys." "My lips are sealed, buddy-boy," Vince replied.

"I know being away from the wife for a few days can make a man miss the carnal pleasures." "Yea," I answered, glad to see that Vince understood my situation.

As a group, we were all married, ranging in age from 34 to 46, and all with at least one k**.

In fact, it was mainly through the k**s' school that we had all become friends.

I didn't want to be the butt of the guys jokes all week long. That was totally out of line." "No problem," Vince replied, a wry smile curling at the corners of his mouth.

I didn't get a moment alone with Vince until later in the morning as we shared a ride up the mountain on the ski lift. "My fault man; with a house full of guys, I should have knocked before barging into the bathroom." "I was totally embarrassed," I admitted, my face even now turning a bright shade of red.

I dealt several cards on the bathroom counter, yanked my shorts down around my ankles and went to work giving my horny dick a thorough jerking.

As I neared the point of no return, the bathroom door opened and Vince stepped in.

"Nothing wrong with feeding the ducks, I'm just sorry you had to witness that." "Actually," Vince began, "I kinda envy you.

I've never been able to get off just using my hand." "What do you mean?

Thinking of Vince and Marsha getting it on was like imagining Ken and Barbie fucking. "When you're out of town, you find local women willing to suck your dick?

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