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Instead, you can issue a credit note for the purchase order line as a separate purchase order line.

In other words, you can enter a purchase order line that has a negative quantity.

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In earlier versions, unposted purchase order invoices that were entered in the Posting invoice form were stored in the same tables as information about updating purchase orders, receipts lists, and packing slips.

In this version, unposted purchase order invoices, which are now known as vendor invoices, are stored in a separate set of tables.

This type of variance can occur when partial invoices individually meet quantity and price tolerances, but when these invoices are combined, they exceed a specified percentage or currency value that is defined by the legal entity.

Tolerances for price total matching can be set up per legal entity.

The following lines are examples of vendor invoice lines that are not related to a purchase order: You can enter vendor invoice lines that are not related to a purchase order and do not create inventory transactions.

However, inventoried or stocked lines are not supported on vendor invoice lines that are not related to a purchase order.For more information, see Correct a vendor invoice that was matched to the wrong product receipt line.The unit price on an intercompany purchase order and an intercompany sales order is updated for changes only when the first customer invoice for the intercompany sales order is entered.In earlier versions, you could enter a negative invoice quantity to record the return of a product.To provide better accounting control, this functionality is no longer available.Our ideal candidate is familiar with all accounting procedures and can manage daily financial transactions end-to-end.

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