Accomodating nephew the advantages and disadvantages of dating an older man

"I didnt know you two had abandonment issues." Dad laughed.

"Not even close, your mom and I have plenty of misbehaviour planned for when you're out on your own, eaglet. "I'm fine, mother." "She shouldn't have done that, it's irresponsible," she said somewhat tersely. I played my one card to diffuse the situation before things became complicated.

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"But modest ones, not anything quite so extravagant.

We initially protested, but it turns out the university has recieved some generous donations recently, so they can expand several key departments and still pay your father and I what they think we're worth." "So we'll be building that expansion on the house we've talked about," dad said, nodding.

"It doubles our income and jumps us a few tax brackets," he said, waving it off modestly.

"But it mean that we can do a few things we've been planning on sooner than we'd expected." "We were anticipating raises, yes," mom said, finally breaking out of Alexa's bearhug.

"I think if we're sharing someone, I'll be willing to make an exception, my love." She shuddered and gasped softly as I tilted my hips up, penetrating deep inside her.

Her fingers gripped my wrists tight as the pleasure rippled through her. "But auntie loves it." We pumped and writhed against one another in the darkness for some minutes before she crushed herself to me and moaned as loud as she dared into my pillow, cumming hard.

Just hand it over..." I chuckled and stood, allowing Alexa to sit up on the couch and unzip my pants, dropping them and exposing my cock.

And , I don't want to hear about how your penis passed through your mother's vagina once and therefore indirectly touched Jeanie's.

" I asked, sitting on the couch while she snuggled into me, tracing her fingers over my shirt. She held her mouth at the base of my cock, eyes closed, as if feeling something.

"I wish I knew what to do." "Well, I have it realtively easy," she mused, caressing me. "She's a little salty," she mused, pulling back and smiling up at me. She can't be a total slag." "Another word the queen would never use," I replied, grinning.

"Well now, it's not so bad..." she whispered before taking me inside her mouth, her tongue rolling around my now-swelling shaft expertly.

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