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The Mi'kmaq Nation's reserves throughout Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and eastern New Brunswick dominate aboriginal culture in the Maritimes region, while Newfoundland and Labrador has a unique history of Innu, Inuit, and Mi'kmaq groups.The first aboriginal group likely to have encountered Europeans in Newfoundland, the Beothuck, has long since disappeared.

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The Atlantic Provinces of Canada are on the far east coast of that country.

Rugged and sparsely populated, the provinces have traditionally made much of their income from the area's large fisheries.

Recently, Canada celebrated 400 years of Acadia (although it also celebrated 500 years of the French presence on the island of Newfoundland).

The Atlantic region is famous for its traditional music, heavily influenced by the folk traditions of Western Europe, but with a distinctive local twist.

The population of Atlantic Canada was roughly 192919 people.

While the people of the Atlantic Provinces predominantly speak English and French, it is worth noting that there are regional dialects of these languages that can throw off the average Central Canadian tourist, not to mention those from abroad.

This is unsurprising in some ways, since the original settlers lead by John Guy (from Bristol, England) founded the first ever English colony in Canada about an hour north of St. It is often noted that a Newfoundlander can give away his or her home town simply by speaking.

In some areas, an Irish lilt can be heard, while in other areas it may not be present.

Some rural communities in the Maritime Provinces have unique vernacular expressions unfamiliar to tourists. Such expressions will not hamper a tourist's understanding of locals, but it may be a noticeable feature in certain areas.

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