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As the city rolls into its third month of unrest, some are using the popular dating app not to invite people on dates, but out into the streets.One of those methods, besides Tinder, is Pokémon Go.

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It has been added to the It's the first reality hit that you're becoming an adult female.

You might get more than you bargained for when swiping through Tinder in Hong Kong.

China’s Great Firewall has largely limited reports on the Hong Kong protests to ones in line with government views.

This includes information found on social media such as Douyin, China’s version of Tik Tok.

Based on his experience of their detailed profiling techniques aimed at matching people with genuine interests in common, he is now applying that to his start-up – which provides young people with an AI dating coach.“It will coach you on what to do on your date,” said Teman.

“Some advice is personal, it will make suggestions based on an assessment, such as ‘he or she is a traditional person and so I'd recommend dinner and then maybe a walk around the block afterwards.’”The most important part is to figure out what the chemistry is like during the date.“The middle person [AI matchmaker] can share feedback with each individual,” said Teman.

“One time, someone asked why my online replies were slow – which was rude and irritating.”Finding a good match in life is an age-old problem and online dating is merely the latest innovation to try and ease the process.

Today, there are websites for every age group and sexual orientation.

It is now easy to cross an ocean for love but finding a true match, a genuine soul mate remains as hard as ever.

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