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However, more traditional tools like pen and paper are still regularly used by students in the classroom and at home, and whiteboards are still popular in Indonesian classrooms with 90% of teachers saying they use them.Indonesian students are also nearly tied with the USA for the highest use of laptops to do their homework (84%, compared to 85% in the USA).The government is also turning to technology to give more people access to education, through initiatives like online courses.

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The census found that Indonesian students use technology in classrooms more than many other countries, often beating even more developed countries.

Indonesian students are the highest globally in their use of IT suites or computer rooms (40%).

This passion for technology may not be a surprise in Indonesia, where the number of internet users reached 143.26 million in 2017, according to the Ministry of Communication and Informatics.

But this new census reveals that technology can also be applied in education.

However, Indonesian students are the most interested in becoming entrepreneurs globally, with 7% of students saying that is their ideal job.

Technology also features in students’ career and subject choices, with 6% saying they would like to be a software engineer or developer, and 39% said they currently study a Computer Science course.

The census conducted by leading education organisation Cambridge International — part of the University of Cambridge — is the first comprehensive global study which helps show what life is like in schools around the world today for students aged 12-19 and their teachers.

In Indonesia, 502 students and 637 teachers took part in the survey.

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