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She never lets on that something is holding her back.

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It’s Keener who hits the grand slam of judgment calls with the loveliest, most perfectly timed laugh one will ever hear after Carell and the girls (Kat Dennings, Chelsea Smith) load the bases for her.

Marla (Dennings), the older girl, is scoffing at Andy’s fake-ear magic trick, but Andy has an answer for every dig.

“The 40 Year Old Virgin” is memorable comedy of the R-rated variety. One is the closing scene, when the cast performs a group Woodstock-esque dance and sings “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In.” This is one of the greatest movie endings ever produced.

It resonates with the rare euphoria of realizing that someone very close to us finally knows our darkest secret or greatest insecurity — and it honestly, truly, does not matter.

But she is more mature than she lets on, grasping for a reason to justify the abstinence she clings to.

Dennings’ sublety is so good, most people will never notice it.Her visit with Andy to the teen-sex-advice group is remarkably warm.Mostly the clients are snarky boys (with out-of-touch parents) who might prey on girls like Marla.She is not denouncing her daughter nor giving Andy a phony vote of confidence.She is naturally reacting to something she realizes she likes.“You know, I can come to your high school and do it for your friends if you want,” Andy tells Marla, who is not impressed and says so to her mom.

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