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According to the Daily Star Online, the brazen lady was taking part in a social experiment and was fined £3,000 for public indecency.

The Star also reports that one of the men put his arm around the woman who brushed off his creepy advances.

Imagine spending a quiet evening alone with that porcelain skin, ruby red lips, and gorgeous figure.

Picture your elegant Geisha dressed in a classic Kimono with her hair up.

ASTONISHING footage shows a naked woman brazenly walking through a park in Italy while being pursued by a group of randy men.

The shocking clip features the unnamed lady strolling through the busy park in Bologna in her birthday suit as the gents excitedly take pictures.

One stunned Spanish motorist filmed the unidentified male starkers on top of the woman with her skirt hitched up round her midriff.

The astonished local said: "Things that happen in Ibiza.

The provocative female reportedly addressed the group of men saying: “It's a social experiment, to show that we're all good people. " Meanwhile, a randy couple got down and dirty on a street corner in full view of passers-by on the party island of Ibiza.

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