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While all nationalities and religions are welcome to the wall area, you do have to be dressed conservatively to be admitted to the area.

Men should have their heads covered, there is a yarmulkes booth outside that you can get head gear at.

Hotkeys: left/right arrow key - change camera; shift right/left arrow key - change apartment; f - full-screen mode.

Access to RLC Replay requires an active Premium Replay membership.

Back to top Yes, the people know about the cameras. Back to top You can choose any apartment, click on the cameras to change the view and watch the residents live their lives.

The list of available apartments is provided on the left side of the main page and on the right side you will see the drawing of the apartment with indication of the video cameras among which you can choose. Back to top Standard Membership RLC Replay service allows you to watch videos recorded by all cameras in the past 24 hours (up to 7 days while your subscription continues). When you select a camera, you will see Activity Timeline, a graph of motion activity for the past 24 hours.

Main Attractions: The Wall and other historic ancient sites.

Who are the people I see on the website and what is the scenario they are living? There are no scenarios, no operators, video editing or censorship just life as it is 24/7.The fact that the Western Wall is still standing after centuries of wars, is a fact that is not lost on true believers.Jews believe that the wall survives because God wants it to.It is a very touching site to see such true believers’ centuries later lament over their lost temples.Men and women are separated at the wall, there is a section for men and a section for women.It is a moving experience to visit a spot that is so historically significant to one of the largest religious organizations in the wall.

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