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Despite the depression, makeup cosmetic sales doubled in the thirties!The most casual a woman dressed was at home, with just her family and visiting lady neighbors.

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They tended to be solid colors or more subdued prints.

Silky, clinging fabrics were common in evening gowns, often worn with a fur.

Less expensive fabrics, “rough” or “peasant” fabrics and cotton became more widely used.

In fact, nubby, textured, crepe, or crinkled “rough” fabrics became a trend, “the rougher the smarter!

Fabrics that were popular included chiffon, silk, crepe-de-chines, and satin, cut on the bias to create elegant, clingy, flowing lines. Evening dresses had hems that very nearly touched the floor and often had small trains in the back.

Evening dresses were also very fitted in the waist, slim and fitted through the hips, easing out mid-thigh or just above the knees, where they flared elegantly to the floor.

Nearly all modern formal gowns have their stylish roots back to the 1930s.

stars of the Golden Years remain icons for glamour on the runway. Silky satin, lace, velvet, and taffeta for evening gowns.

The ideal ’30s woman was tall and slender with a very small waist and narrow hips, but since most women were not blessed with slim hips and narrow waists, shoulders were exaggerated with puff sleeves, shoulder pads, full collars, and “caplet,” “butterfly’ or ruffled cap sleeves, to make waists and hips appear smaller in comparison.

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