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In 2010, more than 45,000 enrolled Six Nations people lived in Canada, and about 80,000 in the United States.

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The Iroquois have absorbed many other peoples into their cultures as a result of warfare, adoption of captives, and by offering shelter to displaced peoples.

The historic Erie, Susquehannock, Wyandot (Huron), and St.

Today, the Onondaga Nation consists of a 7,300-acre territory just south of Syracuse, on which it maintains its sovereignty and operates outside the general jurisdiction of New York State.

The Nation is still governed by a Council of Chiefs, selected in accordance with its time-honored democratic system.

Unlike several other New York native nations, the Onondaga Nation has chosen not to become involved in the casino business or other gambling ventures; instead, the Nation operates a tax-free smoke shop, which funds many community projects, including the repair of homes, a reservation water system, a healing center, and the Onondaga Nation multi-purpose arena.

Opened in 2002, the 1,900-seat ultra-modern facility boasts over 40,000 square feet, and doubles as a facility for both hockey and lacrosse, not only for Onondaga citizens, but for neighboring town, city, high school and college teams as well.The original Iroquois League (as the French knew them) or Five Nations (as the British knew them), occupied large areas of present-day New York State up to the St.Lawrence River, west of the Hudson River, and south into northwestern Pennsylvania.The women elders nominate the chief for life from the clan, and own the symbols of his office.When Europeans first arrived in North America, the Haudenosaunee were based in what is now the northeastern United States, primarily in what is referred to today as Central New York west of the Hudson River and through the Finger Lakes region, and upstate New York along the St.are a historically powerful and important northeast Native American confederacy.

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