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Rarely a child could be acting out something he's seen (walked in on parents, saw a film he shouldn't have).

This isn't a case of "you show me yours." This IS a sexual behavior by somebody still nonsexual.

This more often than not is a result of that child having had this done to them.

Kids are going to be interested in each others' bodies, especially at his age.

And he's too young to have "sexual" urges really. I'm gathering he was "massaging" her gentalia.

Especially not by anyone other than a doctor, if mommy or daddy are there or to bathe her. He could be doing what he saw in a movie but he is too old not to know about private parts and that you don't touch other people's privates.

And I would make sure she is not left alone with the nephew. I taught my kids this in preschool and they know it.

His dad has a responsibility at least take his son to a therapist.

Some may think this is a bit much, but wouldn't you, if you had ANY suspicion?

This occured during a sleepover at their grandparents, and then again at a sleepover at her aunt and uncle's house.

I am in torment since she told me what had been happening, now nearly 6 months ago.

However, the biggest help that got me through all of this was that my family has been there for me every step of the way.

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