Everything Wrong With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

1 дн. назад

We've been asked to sin this movie for years. And finally we did. And now we regret it. This movie... this is not my kind of movie. Here are the sins of Charlie & the ...

Everything Wrong With Fifty Shades Freed

3 дн. назад

Sorry. Technical difficulties. It's back now. Well, at least no one has to sit through any more of these things... until they reunite or reboot in 10 years. And even ...

Everything Wrong With Megamind In 15 Minutes Or Less

1 нед. назад

Because of some new movie I'm too tired to remember... we sinned THIS movie... Megamind. I guess there's a new animated something soon?! Whatever. We do ...

Everything Wrong With Ratatouille In 15 Minutes Or Less

1 нед. назад

Sponsored by Full Sail University. Learn more: With the impending release of The Incredibles 2, we decided it was finally time to go ...

Sincast Episode 124 Ft Maltin On Movies - Short Form

2 нед. назад

The SinCast guys welcomed Leonard & Jessie Maltin to Nashville and onto the podcast for a very special episode. If you enjoy this short-form version, be sure to ...

Everything Wrong With Mama In 13 Minutes Or Less

2 нед. назад

Mama is a fairly recent horror film that found success and praise. But no one ever got around to listing all its sins... until today. Boo! Next week: Cartoon sins ...

Everything Wrong With Ocean's Eleven In 18 Minutes Or Less

2 нед. назад

With Ocean's 8 upon us, we decided it was finally time to go back and count the sins in the not-original Clooney remake of Ocean's Eleven. And we found plenty, ...

Everything Wrong With Cast Away In 14 Minutes Or Less

3 нед. назад

Look what I have created! I... have found... SINS!! Here are all the sins we found in Tom Hanks' Cast Away. Thursday: Family-friendly sins. Remember, no movie ...

Everything Wrong With Geostorm In 20 Minutes Or Less

4 нед. назад

If you think you've already seen Geostorm before, you have... even if you haven't. It's 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, The Core, and somehow even worse than ...

Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Last Jedi

1 мес. назад

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of the most divisive movies of the 21st century. Most people either really love it or really hate it. But regardless of which side you ...

Everything Wrong With Scooby Doo In 15 Minutes Or Less

1 мес. назад

Well, if nothing else, this movie should be remembered for how good Matthew Lillard's Shaggy impression was. And for all the sins. Next week: Space sins, ...

Everything Wrong With Blade: Trinity In 16 Minutes Or Less

1 мес. назад

Here is yet another not-great Marvel movie with Ryan Reynolds that predates Deadpool. As Marvel movies go... it's pretty bleh. As vampire movies go... it's also ...

Everything Wrong With The Bourne Legacy In 15 Minutes Or Less

1 мес. назад

Once upon a time, they tried to spin-off the Bourne franchise with Jeremy Renner and The Bourne Legacy. And it's not perfect, but it's probably better than you ...

Everything Wrong With Batman: Under The Red Hood

1 мес. назад

Man, DC has made a LOT more animated superhero movies than I realized. Oh well, just more sins for me to hunt and collect! Batman: Under the Red Hood ...

Everything Wrong With The Greatest Showman

2 мес. назад

This movie has sins, several just for trying to make it seem like P.T. Barnum was a super nice and swell guy. TLDR: he wasn't. Remember, no movie is without ...

Everything Wrong With Insidious: The Last Key

2 мес. назад

Yep, they went and made a fourth Indisious movie. And yep... we went and sinned it. I'm not sure why either of us keeps going, but we'll see you back here in a ...

Everything Wrong With The Snowman In 18 Minutes Or Less

2 мес. назад

Well here is a movie. There's blood... a snowman... a Fassbender... some other stuff... we still have no idea what happened. We did notice some sins, though.

Everything Wrong With Thor Ragnarok In 15 Minutes Or Less

2 мес. назад

Thor: Ragnarok. It's a movie that most everyone enjoyed, for good reason. It's funny as hell. But it still has sins... all movies do. Thursday: Recent-ish horror sins.

Everything Wrong With The Shape of Water

2 мес. назад

Best Picture status has never stopped us from sinning a movie before, and it's not going to stop us now. Here are the sins of The Shape of Water. Next week: ...

Everything Wrong With Atomic Blonde In 14 Minutes Or Less

2 мес. назад

Lady Bond Wick Bourne Hannah Alias. Atomic Blonde is totally worth watching. It isn't maybe as fun as the John Wick movies... it doesn't make as much sense ...

Everything Wrong With Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

2 мес. назад

Well, to pretty much everyone's surprise, this Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle thing turned out to be a pretty good action comedy. It also made ALL the dollars.